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National Guard Discord Open Recruitment

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United States National Guard

It's time to enlist and kick some ass. It doesn't matter if you prefer to bomb hostiles with a jet, assassinate high value targets with a ghillie suit and sniper, want to go boots on ground, or break through enemy barriers in 70+ different armored vehicles. You want it, we got it! The National Guard will supply you with the tools, guidance, and training to be the most lethal soldier on the planet. The question is, ARE YOU READY??? National Guard offerings:

  • Largest weaponized roster in the entire state. 70+ armored vehicles and jets available to you as you grow and rank up in the National Guard
  • Air National Guard subdivision, containing our best pilots and jets
  • National Guard Military Police subdivision, a special subdivision that works to keep the peace with LEOs in BC and LA
  • National Guard Intelligence Unit, allows you to go undercover as a civilian to gather intel and data about our enemies throughout the state
  • Many different kinds of off-base operations, including but not limited to: Military checkpoints, peacekeeping missions, raids, armored and weaponized convoys, humane labs defense, war against aliens, MP patrol, squadron flying, interrogation tactics, anti-gang and anti-cartel operations with federal LEOs, and more!!!




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