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United States Navy Discord Recruitment


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The United States Navy is actively looking for new members to join its ranks

 we have a large amount of unique RP that is specific to Navy & offer never before seen systems & usages within CaliRP. We work with an actual Navy member to ensure that we can be as realistic as possible no matter what we are doing. We offer naval, air & ground RP which is not available anywhere else in the range that we have it.

Here are some of the Ratings we offer (Your job)

 Naval Security Forces - "Naval Security Forces" refers to specialized units within the U.S. Navy responsible for ensuring the security and protection of naval installations, personnel, and assets.
Naval Special Warfare Development Group -The "Naval Special Warfare Development Group" is a specialized unit within the U.S. Navy that focuses on the development and operation of special warfare tactics and missions.
1st Carrier Strike Group - The "1st Carrier Strike Group" is a powerful naval task force centered around an aircraft carrier.
Navy Fire And Emergency Services  - "Navy Fire and Emergency Services" are specialized units that handle firefighting and emergencies in the U.S. Navy.
Office Of Naval Recruitment - "Office of Naval Recruitment" is The unit responsible for recruiting personnel into the Navy, And Conducting Trainings.

 3rd Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen - SF Certified Corpsmen that activate with JSOC units to provide expert treatment.

Here are some of our more specialized divisions;

  42nd Fixed/Rotary Wing Division

    VFA-195 “Dam Busters” - Flies our F/A-18E Super Hornet. 
    VFA-154 “Black Knights” -  Flies our F/A-18F Super Hornet. 
    VFA-125 “Rough Raiders” - Creates and Maintains Makeshift Runways During Battles
    "Blue Angels" - Flies our F/A-18C Super Hornet, Does Stunt Shows
    "Busy Bees" - Does Aircraft Operations on Aircraft Carrier And Acts As ATC


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