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United States Marshall Service Discord Open Recruitment


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**<:USM:899033533367066674> The United States Marshals Service wants you! <:USM:899033533367066674> **

The United States Marshals Service is looking for new Deputy Marshals! Looking for serious roleplay? The United States Marshals Service thrives on realistic and serious roleplay. We are here to help California Roleplay grow while offering individuals a unique department to partake in. Whether, if you are new to California Roleplay or a veteran of the server. The United States Marshals Service may be for you! We offer many subdivisions, teams, and amenities.

**What we offer:**

Dedicated Patrol Division
Canine Unit
Special Investigations Division
Witness Protection Program
Federal "Air" Marshals
Courthouse Operations
Bureau of Prison Operations
Sniper Team
Aviation Unit
Marine/Boat Unit
H.E.A.T. Team


Fugitive Recovery Task Force [FRTF]
Special Operations Group [SOG]
Investigative Operations Division [IOD]
Field Training Division [FTD]
Judicial Security Operations Division [JSOD]

**Interested? Join the Team today!
No Experience Needed **


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