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## California State Rangers Now Hiring!

California State Rangers is a Main Statewide LEO Department, Meaning we have high standards in what we do!CSR is a Department with 47+ personals and Civ cars coming soon!

CSR currently offers 6 subdivisions.

Field Training division
Want to bring in the next class of Rangers? FTD is for you! Here you will focus on Recruiting and Training new members! You also have an Higher chance of being noticed by High Command and Low Command Members. FTD offers the opportunity to be a Training or Recruit Training Coordinator.

Traffic Enforcement Unit
Want to catch the fastest criminals? Drive offroad? Patrol on a Motorcycle? Then you should Consider joining TEU! TEU offers, H.E.A.T. + Heat Department Tag, DUI Certifications, Offroad Certifications, And MBU Certifications! 

Ranger Recon Team
Do you like being on a tactical team? Serving no knock warrants or drug busts? If so Try out for RRT. This is a handpicked division that has very high standards! RRT Offers, Asset Retrieval, Marine Certification, Marksman Certification, Aviation Certification.

Parks & Wildlife
P&W offers a different style of patrol. Patrol in the wilderness around mountains and rivers, on land or in the water!
P&W offers search and rescue training, S&R pilot training, and Port patrol training.

K9 Division
In K9 division you are able to go on patrol with your furry best friend! Searching for Drugs, Explosives, and more! 
K9 Offers Explosives and Narcotics Investigations 

Crimes Division
Like going undercover? Doing Stake outs? Infiltrating Gangs? CD is for you!
CD offers: Major Crimes, Cold Case, Drug Task Force, Tac Raid, Gang/Cartel Intel, and Deep undercover.

Join to complete the interview and Join California State Rangers Today!

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