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NSA discord recruitment

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<:NSA_Badge:1142405764749729894> National Security Agency <:NSA_Badge:1142405764749729894>

NSA is a Brand **New sub Federal Department, We deal with drugs, Cybercrime, gangs, cartels, personal security, undercover work, etc.**

We offer: 


**N**ational **T**hreat **O**perations (NTO)
Our UC Operations Team

**F**acility **S**ecurity **S**ervices (FSS)
Our Intelligence Gathering Team

Scorpion (SCP)
Our Tactical Team With Air-Tac

K9 Operations
Our K9 Cert for Tactical K9

Field Training Academy
The Field Training Operations
Several **Command positions open to grind to**, we are looking for **people to launch this department to the top**.
Many new and **unreleased subdivisions**, open to new sub divisions to be launched and expanded.
A new and friendly **High Command Team**, with several agents, with **great RP and a great community**.
Get into the NSA early, and protect the American people.

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