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United States Airforce Open Recruitment

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United States Air Force

The homeland, wants YOU to serve and protect your country.

The United States Air Force is a family of highly trained pilots. The best of the best, the elite of the elite. We operate out of Fort Zancudo, and the U.S.S California.  We are one of the most elite DOD departments out of every DOD department to exist. We aim to provide safe skies, and save lives. Not only do you become a part of the family, but you gain opportunities to join to try out for some of our most ELITE divisions to ever exist. 

What do we bring to the flight deck?

We offer countless amounts of highly armored, and weaponized fighter jets at your fingertips to take out these bandits in the sky, and keep your homeland safe. We also offer the opportunities to become a part of our numerous divisions, we have the 24th Special Tactics Squadron. The top-of-the-line trained killers, our heroes keep the country safe from Militias, Cartels, and more harmful groups of waste. There are many more divisions to take a look at, but you just might have to find it. 

If you would like to support your country, Join Interview Waiting For a Chance to join the best DoD branch out there!!


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