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Hello members of CaliRP! The California Highway Patrol is doing open interview's right now! Are you ready to experience the power of main law enforcement? Look no further than CHP and its divisions! 

- Special Weapons & Tactics: When chaos looms and danger escalates, our highly trained SWAT team is ready to answer the call. With precision, courage, and specialized skills, they handle critical incidents to protect our communities and restore peace. 

- Air & Costal Operations: Fasten your seatbelts as our ACO division races into action! These experts behind the wheel skillfully navigate any terrain, from city streets to the open highway. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, they're always one step ahead, ensuring rapid response and utmost efficiency. 

- Traffic Enforcement Unit: The guardians of our highways, the Traffic Enforcement Unit keeps the wheels of our society turning smoothly. With a watchful eye and firm resolve, they enforce traffic laws, safeguarding the lives of drivers and passengers. From traffic management to promoting road safety, they're dedicated to keeping our roads accident-free. 

- Special Investigations Unit: Unlocking the mysteries behind every crime, our relentless detectives in the SIU division are the epitome of justice. Armed with sharp instincts and unrivaled determination, they leave no stone unturned to bring criminals to justice and provide closure to victims. 

- Engagement Team: The Engagement team has 2 groups, the Event Team is in charge of creating, hosting and planning amazing events for the department. The Media Team is in charge of creating amazing promotional videos for the department and possibly subdivisions if they request for a video.

<:chp:1079033329652867184> With the California Highway Patrol, your safety is our mission! <:chp:1079033329652867184> 

To join CHP, please join and a CHP Recruiter will drag you in!

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CHP instead of BSI


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