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I.C.E Discord Recruitment

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> # <:icelogo:1042818116369006672> U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement <:icelogo:1042818116369006672> 

> **U.S. I.C.E.** is a Brand New Sub-Federal Department, we basically do what other LEO departments do but better we do undercover jobs, raids, d.u.i checkpoints, and many more!

> U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a highly experienced and active department dedicated to protecting the nation from illegal immigration, human, weapon and narcotics trafficking as well as crimes related to national security. We are looking for the best of the best to join our team of highly-trained, highly-experienced agents. If you want to join a team of this caliber, look no further, U.S. I.C.E. is the premier choice.

> Subdivisions
> **Recruitment & Training Division** - The Recruitment & Training Division's mission is to recruit new agents into the department daily and train them to be the most elite agents on the field. We ensure that the United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency regularly brings in new recruits and to train those recruits in accordance with the Classroom and Field Training policies. 

> **Special Investigations Division** - The Special Investigations Division have broad legal authority to conduct federal crime investigations into the illegal cross-border movement of people, goods, money, technology and other contraband throughout the United States. SID utilizes these authorities to investigate a wide array of transitional crime including: terrorism; national security threats; narcotics smuggling; transnational gang activity; illegal exports of weapons and more

> **Warrant Services**- The Warrant Services Division (WRT) of the United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (U.S. I.C.E.)  main priority is to find suspects with warrants and apprehend them.

> **K9 Operations** - The U.S. I.C.E K9 Division provides support to members of U.S. I.C.E and other law enforcement agencies by safely and efficiently searching buildings, vehicles, apprehending suspects, tracking fleeing suspects, and protecting officers. K9 also provides support by finding evidence, searching for lost subjects that are in extreme danger and providing crowd control.

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