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Federal Gang And Narcotics Agency Is Now Hosting Recruitments Now!

Would you like to be apart of the best sub-federal department in CaliRP, Then you're in luck because we are hiring now!

At FGNA (Federal Gang And Narcotics Agency) We do everything that sums across the lines of: Gangs and Drugs. We serve to keep all the gangs and narcotics off California's streets for good! We do this buy hosting daily raids against gangs and drug busts in suspected locations of where they are being sold!

We offer several divisions that you can join: 

ACU - Air Coastal Unit
ATU - Advanced Traffic Unit
GIU - Gang Intelligence Unit
K9 - K9

These sub-divisions can help you reach the top ranks of FGNA and get you well known and + they're so much fun!

We Want **You** To Apply **TODAY!!**

• 13 years old or older.
• Must Not be in 2 sub-federal departments, You can be in 1 other one that is fine.
• Must be show gratitude towards the department and maturity.


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