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The California Bureau of Investigation’s are doing open recruitments right now!
We are doing open recruitments right now and we would love for you to join us

about the California Bureau of Investigations:

CBI is a Main LEO and our job is to investigate, do scene security but that’s not all! Since we are a Main LEO we have all the perks of one which includes 10-11’s, many people do not know CBI has become a Main LEO.

We have 8 sub-divisions and way more to come!
Our subdivisions
ETRU | ETRU is our Handpicked exclusive Tac Team for the best of the best Agents in CBI.

K9 | The K9 subdivision is where we train you to have a buddy while on duty! You will have your on companion that can help you on duty.

Digital Forensics | DF is our Cyber Security subdivision that manages Cyber Crime and intelligence.
Air & Costal Unit | ACU is CBI’s Air and Water subdivision where you are trained to fly and to use boats while on duty! We teach you to take the controls of Helicopters or Boats and how to operate and use them while on duty.

WOD | Warrant Operations Division is our warrant subdivision the main goal of WOD is to execute warrants and conduct undercover operations.

CAT | The Community Action Team subdivision is CBI’s TEU (Traffic Enforcement Unit) subdivision with multiple certifications such as HEAT which is our high speed certification, off-road, DUI for reckless drivers, and Spike certification for 10-80’s.

Do you think you have what it takes to join CBI? Then prove that to us!


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