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** Dept Hub/CAPD requirements **
USMC is Looking for YOU!!
IF YOU are 15+ and want to join the most strict RP in the Department of Defense, PLEASE contact my self or command team ( tag HC/LC that are in the DC wherever you promo ) to join today! 

There is endless possibilities to get your hands dirty in the field to sit passively on base (desk work or other base duties). 

The Fiercest Tier 1 fighting force in all of DOD. These raiders have gotten a reputation for themselves. 

**3rd MAW**
Marine Air Wing are some of the most respect pilots in the skies. From ground support, to CAS, to basic transportation/extraction these pilots have learned to face adversary head on and back down to none. 

**164th Transportation Battalion**
From Ammunition Technicians to Motor Vehicles Operator, The USMC Transportations responsibilities reach beyond basic convoys. The USMC take pride in humanitarian mission, getting supplies to people of Cali in need, they also take out IED with their EOD specialist. Plenty of work to do on the open road!

**Military Police**
Our fastest growing and most active sub-division our MP are not only limited to protecting the military insulations BUT they uphold Military Law and are regarded as some of the highest on duty. It is a serious position that warrants ZERO misconduct and much respect. IF THIS INTRESTS YOU by all means this sub-division is going to be the right path for you. We have also recently opened up K9, being on base it sure comes in handy with all the explosives smuggled in!!

If any of this peaks your interest, join interview waiting to get recruited!
Semper Fi!


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