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PBPD Open Discord Recruitment

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Paleto Bay Police Department will be hosting a Discord Open Recruitment on Thursday, January 25th at 1PM PST, 3PM CST ,4PM EST.


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Paleto Bay Police Department

Do you want to step up your Law Enforcement Roleplay with new and exciting Main LEO department? Do you have no experience in LEO and want to be trained within the best environment possible? Then look no further, Paleto Bay PD wants you! 🫵

We are a new and upcoming MAIN department with Command and Supervisor spots available and up for grabs that you could fill in. We have custom EUP and so much more too offer!

We have all of our sub divisions up and running with personal liveries coming soon!

To join us, Feel free to dm me. We hope to see you join us one day soon 🔜

Join Interview Room Waiting, to join the Paleto Bay Police Department!

🔊・Interview Waiting


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