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U.S. Army Discord Open Recruitment

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United States Army

• Would you like to join a DOD Department? Do you want to serve your country and start your career in the US Military? Do you want to be a hero and protect the citizens of the United States?

Then the United States Army is for you! Our primary mission is to deploy, fight, and win our nation's wars by providing ready, prompt, and sustained land dominance as part of the joint force of all U.S. military. We are responsible for protecting the United States and it's citizens and taking direct tactical action against our enemies.

We offer several divisions / units that you can join:

• 43rd Military Police Brigade •
504th Intelligence Battalion •
101st Airborne Division •
1st Cavalry division •
65th Medical Brigade •
1st Special Forces Operational Detachment
- Delta (Delta Force) - Our Special Operations Unit!
• 75th Ranger Regiment
(Special Forces)

And more coming! Each of these divisions offer MOS's and certifications that unlock new abilities. You can fly attack helicopters, drive tanks and APC's, become a sniper, and even participate in Special Operations against the enemies of the US Army! Yes, you can become a highly trained Special Forces Operator! We conduct transport convoys, air patrol, checkpoint security at the border, combat patrol convoys, and many other activities that you will enjoy... We got Command spots open... We have our own EUP, and even our own Army MP headtag! Don't wait any longer and come join the most active branch of the US Military and DOD Department of the month! THE US ARMY WANTS YOU, APPLY TODAY! • REQUIREMENTS: • 14 years old or older • Cannot be in another DOD department • Must be professional and mature


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