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California Bureau of Investigation’s are recruiting!

Have you ever wanted to join one of the best Main Fed department? If so now’s your chance! We have many Sub-divisions such as:

  • ETRU | Our exclusive handpicked Tac Team for the most elite members of Cali and CBI
  • CAT | The Community Action Team is our TEU (Traffic enforcement Unit) Sub-division, with plenty of Certification’s such as HEAT certification, Off-road Certification, DUI certification, and Spike certification!
  • WOD | Warrant Operation Division is our Warrant sub-division, there job is to execute warrants, do undercover operations etc.
  • I.A | our Internal Affairs sub-division is our department team where there job is to Watch over the department and deal with issues we might have.
  • Digital Forensics | DF is a sub-division where you deal with Cyber Crime and monitoring Cyber Crimes.
  • Air & Costal Unit | Our Air & Costal Unit is our water and air sub-division where you take on the Lakes or skies of CaliRP.
  • K9 | The K9 sub-division is the sub-division where you get trained how to handle a K9 dog and have one as your Duty partner, to help you on duty!
  • Recruitment & FTD | We of course have a Recruitment & FTD Sub-division for the new agents who want to join CBI!

Our Goal in the California Bureau of Investigation’s is to bring Justice to those who want to break the law.

We have a lot to offer as a department such as SEVERAL LOW COMMAND and HIGH COMMAND spot AVAILABLE and would like to have you in CBI, we are always taking helpful criticism and suggestions


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