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UC Open recruitment

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**The Umbrella Corporation is hiring!** We are a **Main Federal Department** and we are wondering if you would like to join our team. *We offer a lot of perks!* 
***What the Umbrella Corporation Offers to you!***
  + **Custom LEO Vehicles**
  + **Cool "Department Tags"**
`UC | Supervisor`
`UC | T.S.I.T`
+ **Custom EUP**
+ **Subdivisions - TSIT, CBU, UCA & Vaporwake**
+ **A lot More to do!**
***Department Positions You can  achieve for!***
   + Supervisor Ranks
   + Low Command Ranks
+ Possibly even High Command if you work hard!
We have newly gotten Main Federal Department and we are working our way up to become the **Number 1** department out there. If you have any questions, please let us know.

**Thank you,**

**UC Command Team**
<@753465278460854336> <@484459275922440192>


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