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CID Open recruitment

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What Do We Do?
At the Crime Investigations Department  we make sure all crimes are stopped inside of California and prevent crimes from happening as Well. AT CID we also do normal LEO stuff like 10-11s, 10-80s, Code-5 etc. 

What Do we Offer.
At CID we offer Personals, a command tag as well as EUP coming in the near future. When you join and become a full agent you'll get access to our newest personal the Granger!

What subdivsions/certifications do we have?

We have many subdivsions including:

K9 - Our dog unit to stop prevent crime from happening and to sniff out any drugs off a person/vehicle and, we assist with 10-70s to bring the suspect into custody quicker

TEU - Our traffic enforcement unit makes sure all vehicles are following the correct traffic laws. When a suspect flees we have a unit called H.E.A.T That can go 180 and catch up to the suspect quicker and, when they go offroad, we have an offroad unit which can chase them in extreme conditions.

SOU - Our handpicked team that stops gangs from performing dangerous acts to the city of California. They Also have a TASU cert and are in a task force with K9 to help SOU stop criminals 

FTD - Our Training division within CID which gets new trainees into the cadets  into CID as well as train them to get into the department as a full time Agent.

IA - Another handpicked department but this is for trusted employees in CID, These handle reports on CID Agents from other agents and make sure everyone is behaving inside of CID

ACO - This is our Air and Marines unit which protects all of California's skies and oceans from Criminals

Undercover - This is our only certification within CID and this is where you can go undercover and buy drugs/ weapons then once the sale has happened you go in and arrest them.

If this interests you And Want to Join go to Interview waiting and we will get you into CID


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