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Grapeseed PD Discord Open Recruitment

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Do you want to join the best upcoming Main LEO Department in California Roleplay?*** **Grapeseed PD** is looking for supervisors, command members, subdivision command, and elite trainers for our department!

I want to do specialized LEO roleplay, can I do that here?
Yes! Our subdivisions offer elite & unique roleplay for both officers & civilians involved. We offer K9 Division, SWAT, RTD, ACU, and Investigations Division. We are looking for command in some of our subdivisions.

I recently had a negative experience in my previous department, am I going to get the same experience here?
No, our department is a family, and offers a laid-back experience. Our department offers leeway for hours, and experience. Our training program will offer the BEST and most thorough training process, making you one of the best officers in CaliRP. We offer Reduced Hours, and LOA for all officers to take whenever needed. (Situation Dependent)

Anything special coming in for this department?
Yes! Our department will be getting custom & high-quality EUP, and equivalent liveries with all of our personals. For the next 2 weeks, our department has an OPEN VEHICLE ROSTER, meaning all officers can drive any car, of any rank, found on our Vehicle Roster.

I want to join, how can I do that?
Join the VC for a quick interview to join the best up and coming department in CaliRP!


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