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# <:depthubCSR:1090358780551766177> California State Rangers <:depthubCSR:1090358780551766177> 

## California State Rangers Join Today !!
Here at CSR we focus on getting those dedicated to CaliRP to make a name for themselves, and move up throughout CaliRP. While CSR is a very strict department we have a lot to offer rather it be department give aways or the 45+ personals dedicated to the CSR team we are always improving and trying to get new things for the department. Your suggestions are encouraged.

## Subdivisions
-Field Training Division
-Ranger Recon Team (Black Op/S.W.A.T)
-K9 Division
-Parks and Wildlife
-Traffic Enforcement Unit
-Crime Division
-Constable Division

## Reason to Join
CSR Rangers allowed to be their rank without being micro managed meaning no going to HC for every little report supervisor in training + are encouraged to handle issues someone at their rank should be able to handle. HC is on a rotation so if you think you have what it takes to be HC this is the best department to show your stuff. CSR command don't play favorites meaning it truly only takes you showing up and committing to CSR to get moved up.

Join If you are interested!


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