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USBP Open recruitment (ReSchedule)

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:depthubUSBP: United States Border Patrol :depthubUSBP:
The United States Border Patrol is tasked with protecting the nations borders to make sure no illegal immigrants or illegal items get in to the country. Border Patrol has full jurisdiction across the whole State of California, can do Federal 10-11’s, and is in charge of the Checkpoint. 

Border Patrol has a lot to offer including:
BORTAC | Tactical TEAM for USBP.
BEU | Offers certifications such as Air, H.E.A.T, Marine, Offroad, etc.
FTD | Is tasked with the job of training Cadets into full fledged Agents.
And much more

Border Patrol has a lot of positions to move into and we hope to see you soon!

DM @! 1O-01 | J. Coop - @! 1O-02 | C. Maverick  - @! 1O-03 | LOA | Kaz B.  - <@815186398101241916> to get in today!
U.S Border Patrol Promotional Video!


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