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DPS open recruitment

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# <:DPS_Logo:1224847503451750411> Department of Public Safety <:DPS_Logo:1224847503451750411> 
**Department of Public Safety, a new state wide Main LEO Department in California, is now hiring Constables! **

__**What Do We Do?:**__
Department of Public Safety, or DPS, is a statewide main LEO department, which means by joining us you get to enforce state laws, all across the state. You also get the opportunity to run borders, work with other agencies, work with the community, and much much more. We have over 10+ 1 of 1 custom personals!

> * Special Emergency Response Team (Tac Unit)
> * Traffic Safety Division (Heat, Off-road, MBU, Checkpoints, etc)
> * Gang Intelligence Unit (Undercover)
> * Air and Coastal Bureau (Opening Soon)
> * Recruitment and Training Division 
> * More coming soon™️ 

**__What do we have?__**
> * 14+ Personals (with 10 more coming soon)
> * 5 Subdivision tags, names below
>  * Courteous Vigilance 
>  * Community Service Constable
>  * Special Emergency Response Team
>  * DPS | Command
>  * DPS | Supervisor

> * Loads of EUP for all ranks (Class A/B/C, T-Shirts, Polos, vests, custom hats, badges, etc).



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