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California Bureau of Investigations
Are you ready to step into the exciting world of law enforcement and investigations? The California Bureau of Investigations (CBI) is on the lookout for dedicated individuals like you to join our ranks and help us achieve our mission. If you're looking for an opportunity to be a part of a main-federal department with a wide range of responsibilities, then CBI is the place for you.

What sets us apart?
At CBI, we're not your ordinary department. We are authorized to handle a variety of tasks, from conducting investigations to ensuring scene security, participating in drug operations, and even going undercover. We have been open for 3 months exactly and are the 2nd most active Federal department with 1200 hours in 3 weeks and top 10 most active out of all depts 

Subdivisions for every interest:
CBI offers a diverse range of subdivisions to cater to your interests and skills:

Community Action Team: Certified in all traffic certifications, this unit specializes in traffic control.

Warrant Operations Division: Engage in undercover work to bring criminals to justice.

Air Coastal Unit: Take to the skies and support ground operations from above.

K9: Work alongside our loyal canine partners in crime prevention.

Elite Tactical Response Unit (SWAT): Join the elite tac team that handles high-risk situations.

Internal Affairs: Ensure that the department maintains the highest standards of integrity.

Digital Forensics: Dive into the world of technology to solve complex cases.

CBI is your one-stop shop for a main-federal department that can do it all. We believe in loyalty, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. If you're ready to make a difference and contribute to a department on the path to becoming the biggest Main Fed, we want you on our team.
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