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    07 May 2024 09:00 PM

    Anti Crime & Gang Agency
    Are you ready to join into the newest and most action packed department in the entire server? The Anti Crime & Gang Agency is the place for you!
    Here at ACGA we’re looking for ready and willing recruits to fill positions within our Agent and Supervisory team as well as looking for promising candidates to fill our subdivision command team!
    What makes ACGA stand out? Here at ACGA we’re a sub fed meaning you can be in ACGA as well as another sub fed at the same time. We also have one of the lowest hour requirements in the entirety of cali (3 hours per week) and do daily field promotions in game meaning you can advance through the ranks quicker than ever!
    Sub Divisions;
    The Field Training Divison: In the FTD it is your job to train and recruit candidates into ACGA and train them to be the best agents you can be. The FTD is the best way to climb through the ranks and grind  you way up into a supervisory position or into Low Command
    K9: K9 is one of the most important sub divisions within ACGA as we require them during our routine drug busts and gang interactions. K9 is full of high octane roleplay and brings a whole new meaning to roleplay.
    Air & Costal Division: The Air & Costal Division is another key division within ACGA as we need people to not just cover the ground but also the air and coast. Set to the sky and provide the units on the ground with key information and tactics! 
    Heat: Heat operation division is one of the main departments within ACGA as they are of upmost importance during cases where someone may be attempting to run from any pursuing  agents.
    Undercover Operations: Head undercover and gain key information about gang or drug activity. Undercover operations allow our agents to gain information that we would normally be unable to get access to and make arrests normally impossible.
    Join ACGA and start your career in the most promising Sub Fed Dept today!

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